Secure Seneca Premium for your school
Flavia Belham
Chief Scientist @ Seneca Learning
September 09, 2020

Secure Seneca Premium for your school

We’ve got an exciting opportunity for your school to unlock Seneca Premium for the 20/21 academic year.

We want to reward you by granting your school access to our premium learning modes (Wrong Answers and Smart Learning) designed to improve learning outcomes.

Does my school qualify?

We will reward free Premium accounts to American middle & high schools based on their usage and willingness to support Seneca. The more students and teachers use Seneca, the more premium accounts you unlock:

  • Unlock 100 premium accounts when you reach 30 active students & 3 teachers setting a minimum of 4 assignments.
  • Obtain an additional 100 premium accounts when reaching 100 students & 7 teachers.
  • And receive premium access to all students and faculty members when registering 150 active students & 10 active teachers and support Seneca by introducing us to neighbouring schools.

To see how your school is doing, please get in touch via and we can share a data report and further details with you.

Inquire more information

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