How to master grading with Google Classroom
Rob Price
Teacher Community @ Seneca Learning
September 15, 2020

How to master grading with Google Classroom

Grading hundreds of students and delivering differentiated teaching is difficult at the best of times.

When teaching remotely, it’s even more important that students are assessed & receive personalized feedback on their work where possible.

You can follow these 3 pieces of advice to help with your grading on Google Classroom:

  1. Create separate classrooms for each of your classes! This makes grading each of your classes more manageable & efficient. ⏰
  2. Try creating a Google Forms document that self-grades. ✏️
  3. If you don't know how to create self-grading form then use Seneca Learning. Seneca grades all work for you and links to Google Classroom. All the questions are pre-made by teachers & aligned to your spec so that you don't have to create your own quizzes! ✅

To get access to Seneca and all the free assignments with automated marking either register in the top-right or get more info via the below form.

Free resources to set K12 assignments for 15 subjects

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