How to keep your Google Classroom Stream organised
Flavia Belham
Chief Scientist @ Seneca Learning
September 14, 2020

How to keep your Google Classroom Stream organised

Have you been part of a group chat that is so active that your messages end up getting lost in the middle of all the others? I certainly have!

When we use Google Classroom with our students, the “Stream” kind of works like a group chat. You post your assignments and homework, but students can also comment, respond and post.

There may be a moment when that stream is so busy that the important messages are getting lost. But there is a quick fix for this!

How to keep the stream organised

Open your Stream and click on the configurations menu on the top right corner. You will see two options related to Stream. The first one is the one we want now. The default option is “Students can post and comment”. If you want a clear stream for a while, you can select one of the other two options:

  • Only teachers can post and comment: That means you are the only one who can say anything on the Stream. So it becomes a notice board rather than a discussion forum. In my opinion, that misses out on the point of Google Classroom, but it may be a useful option for specific situations.
  • Students can only comment: That means only you can post new information, but students can comment on those posts. This would be my recommendation for a cleaner Stream.

Which one do you prefer? And if you want more tips on Google Classroom and other educational technology, fill out the form below!

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