History worksheets & online questions for Google Classroom
Flavia Belham
Chief Scientist @ Seneca Learning
August 17, 2020

History worksheets & online questions for Google Classroom

TLDR; get access to all worksheets and online questions via the form at the bottom.

Did your school year already start or are you planning the first weeks? In any case, I am sure you'd welcome free material to consider for your students. Especially if these are online questions for those having to teach remotely a bit longer.

I've aggregated my history worksheets (grade 6-12) with topics such as the civil war and transatlantic trade. On top off that, I've been working with a team of history teachers during the lockdown to create a broad and interactive curriculum of online questions on Seneca covering almost every topic.

These are both reading material as well as questions which are ideal to link to Google Classroom. They are all for free and you can access them below. I will personally email it to you, so do ask me any questions on how to get the most out it!

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