Specialised Plant Cells

Root Hair cells

Root hair cells are specialised to allow plants to absorb more water and let a plant absorb the minerals it needs to keep alive.

Xylem and Phloem cells are used by the plant to transport minerals, sugar and water to other parts of the plant.

Xylem cells

The xylem is specialised to transport water up the stem of a plant and into the leaves. Xylem vessels are made up of a series of connected dead xylem cells. The end walls of the dead cells are broken to allow water to move through. A substance called lignin strengthens the cell walls of xylem cells.

Phloem cells

The phloem is specialised to transport food products to parts of the plant where they are needed. Phloem vessels are made up of columns of living cells. The end walls of phloem cells contain small holes to allow food products to move up and down the phloem vessels.

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