What's new on Seneca
Flavia Belham
Chief Scientist @ Seneca Learning
December 01, 2022

What's new on Seneca

AI-Marked Exam Questions

With our new exam-questions only assignments, you can set exam-style assignments in just a few clicks, and our AI will mark them for you. Get access to thousands of free-text exam questions written by examiners and teachers - the ultimate way to get your students exam-ready, with none of the marking!

Want to try out Exam Questions Only assignments? Get in touch about Seneca Premium for your school:

New Maths Calculation Modules

Maths courses on Seneca are now focussed on giving students ample practice questions on each topic. And with our smart question generator, the number of possible practice questions is infinite! Our adaptive algorithm means that the difficulty level of the questions will adjust to their progress throughout the session, and when your students need a hint, we provide scaffolded support to walk through each step of the working.

Improved Parent Platform

Our parent platform is free to use and lets parents keep up to date with how their child's using Seneca. Parents can connect to their child's Seneca account and check in on their recent activity, study time and preview any assignments teachers have set.

Free MIS Integration

Save hours of teacher time by uploading your classes, students & teachers with Seneca's School Sync. The best part? It's completely free!

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