The Best Free English Language Teaching Resources
Flavia Belham
Chief Scientist @ Seneca Learning
September 03, 2019

The Best Free English Language Teaching Resources

Quality English Language resources can be difficult to find. Teachers often struggle to find the time to spend as much time resourcing their lessons as they would like.

Wouldn't resourcing lessons be easier if all the best English Language teaching resources were collected together in one place, had been checked for quality and were free to access?

Look no further!

Free English Language Teaching Resources

Helping You Plan Quality Lessons

We know teachers' time is valuable. Let Seneca reduce your workload by curating the best resources for you.

  • Spend less time looking for quality resources.
  • Teaching resources are specific for each exam board and arranged by spec point.
  • The quality of each teaching resource has been Seneca Certified.
  • All resources are free to use.

Thank you to all who contributed - happy planning!

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