Seneca Integrating with Google Classroom
Flavia Belham
Chief Scientist @ Seneca Learning
November 26, 2018

Seneca Integrating with Google Classroom

Every week again we ask ourselves how we can improve Seneca's revision and homework platform. Our goal is to create the best consumer learning platform and make it accessible to anyone no matter their personal or school budget.

To achieve this we're weekly prioritising new study features, revision courses and improving the experience for teachers, students and parents. Over the last months we have for instance implemented an upgraded leaderboard added 150+ study courses, and built the teacher platform with study insights and homework assignments.

Over the last months, we've noticed that the best suggestions tend to come from our users themselves. The assignment feature is a great example of a new functionality that was requested by hundreds of teachers. With that being said we want to ask you to keep sending us suggestions for improving the platform. This might relate to additional study courses or new functionality such as integrations with other systems.

Connect with Your School System

One of the study integrations that has been mentioned is Google Classroom. The app ecosystem around Google Classroom would make it possible to easily load existing classes and students details into Seneca's homework and revision platform. Moreover, the integration would work both ways in which you would be able to analyse your students' study progress on Seneca's revision courses and assignments from within Google Classroom or one of the connected school systems.

Although this integration is not the next item on our engineering team's priority list - it is something that we recently started thinking about based on your requests. To see what the engineering team is actually working on you can have a look into their planning here.

We continuously like to hear from teachers what product improvements they want our engineers to prioritise. If you're interested in a Google Classroom integration or prefer a different update, then please do get in touch with me at and I'll try to bump it up the priority list.

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