Seneca Geography Book of the Year 2020
Stephen Wilks
CEO @ Seneca Learning
June 17, 2020

Seneca Geography Book of the Year 2020

We are delighted to announce the shortlist for the 2020 Seneca Geography Book of the Year award.

Seneca Geography Book of the Year Shortlist

The New Silk Roads - Peter Frankopan

Ghosts of the Tsunami - Richard Lloyd Parry

Miss Chopsticks - Xinran

We Are Displaced - Malala Yousafzai

Prisoners of Geography - Tim Marshall

Judging Panel

Kate Stockings

Geography HOD • IOE Fawcett Fellow • FRGS • Chair of the Teacher Panel @MuseumofLondon#LNPCRanger• Education Officer @UKPolarNetwork• Editor @routesjournal

Catherine Owen

Head of Geog at TKASA & Jack and Megan's Mum. I chair the GAISIG, am a CGeog and run courses and write for the GA, OUP & Hodder.

Michael Chiles

Principal Examiner • HOD • Teacher @OakNational• Trainer • Author of CRAFT with @johncatt@SenecaLearn Ambassador

Alan Parkinson

Alan Parkinson CGeog/FRGS/FRSGS Award-winning Teacher/Author / HoD @Kings_Ely Junior / Mission:Explorer / JVP @The_GA 19-20 / UNCC teacher

Paul Logue

Very proud host of @GeogChat and writer of our T&L newsletter.

Criteria for the Shortlist & Winner

  1. A book of excellence in the field of Geography according to the view of the Judging Panel.
  2. A Fiction or Non-Fiction book.
  3. Appropriate for Geography students and teachers alike.

Coming Soon...

  • Book reviews from the Judging Panel
  • Outlined connections between the shortlist and the curriculum
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