Real-Time English Leaderboards 📝
Flavia Belham
Chief Scientist @ Seneca Learning
November 27, 2019

Real-Time English Leaderboards 📝

On your marks... get set... go!

Fancy yourself as Seneca's best when it comes to GCSE English revision? Maybe the most imperious at A Level English homework? Or the UK's gold standard for KS3 English studying?

This Real-Time Leaderboard will be used to run competitions between English departments and settle the debate once and for all. There will be some cracking prizes on the line, including CPD Library and plaques for your classroom!!

Select your school from the dropdown menu to see the number of sections your students have completed this week and how this is trending over time. Make sure your students have added their school so their scores are contributing!

NOTE: Please be patient as the leaderboard may take a little time to load ⌛

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