A Level Biology Primer
Flavia Belham
Chief Scientist @ Seneca Learning
November 27, 2018

A Level Biology Primer

Every class is unique and deserves lessons from a tailored teaching plan. We try to secure students' knowledge to give you time back for tailored teaching & interventions. Incorporating Seneca's custom assignments can free you up & diagnose students' individual weaknesses. All assignments can be set in under 30 seconds and all marking is done automatically, with the data ready for you to view.

Vital resources for you:

Biology AQA A Level Coursework Deadline and Exam Dates

15 May 2019 - Coursework deadline for A-level Biology

Schools and colleges may set their own internal deadlines, so make sure to check with the department head whether these dates are the same at your school.

21 May 2019 - Exam for AS Biology Paper 1

24 May 2019 - Exam for AS Biology Paper 2

Assignments for Biology Practicals A Level AQA

Setting Biology A Level Homework on Seneca

Seneca is a revision and homework platform covering 200+ exam board specific courses. All the courses have been written by examiners and industry experts to make sure that the content matches the exam board specification. Students can revise on the study platform individual or become part of a teacher's class. Within a class, teachers can set homework assignments that get automatically marked. Teachers can also monitor the progress of students on an individual level and set new assignments to the entire class or an individual student.

Set Homework for Biology AQA A Level

Practicals Assignments on Seneca

  • Microscope & Bacteria
  • Osmosis & Food Tests
  • Enzymes
  • Photosynthesis & Plant Responses
  • Reaction Time, Quadrats & Decay

Year 1 - Seneca Online Assignments

1 Biological Molecules

1.1 Monomers & Polymers

1.2 Carbohydrates

1.3 Lipids

1.4 Proteins

1.5 Nucleic Acids

1.6 ATP

1.7 Water

1.8 Inorganic Ions

2 Cells

2.1 Cell Structure

2.2 Mitosis

2.3 Transport Across Cell Membrane

2.4 Cell Recognition & the Immune System

3 Substance Exchange

3.1 Surface Area to Volume Ratio

3.2 Gas Exchange

3.3 Digestion & Absorption

3.4 Mass Transport

4 Genetic Information & Variation

4.1 DNA, Genes & Chromosomes

4.2 DNA & Protein Synthesis

4.3 Mutations & Meiosis

4.4 Genetic Diversity & Adaptation

4.5 Species & Taxonomy

4.6 Biodiversity Within a Community

4.7 Investigating Diversity

Homework Year 1for Biology A Level AQA

Year 2 - Seneca Online Assignments

5 Energy Transfers (A2 only)

5.1 Photosynthesis

5.2 Respiration

5.3 Energy & Ecosystems

5.4 Nutrient Cycles

6 Responding to Change (A2 only)

6.1 Nervous Communication

6.2 Nervous Coordination

6.3 Muscle Contraction

6.4 Homeostasis

7 Genetics & Ecosystems (A2 only)

7.1 Genetics

7.2 Populations

7.3 Evolution

7.4 Populations in Ecosystems

8 The Control of Gene Expression (A2 only)

8.1 Mutation

8.2 Gene Expression

8.3 Regulation of Transcription & Translation

8.4 Cancer

8.5 Genome Projects & Gene Technology

Homework Year 2 for Biology A Level AQA

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