IB Diploma Chemistry Revision
Flavia Belham
Chief Scientist @ Seneca Learning
April 27, 2021

IB Diploma Chemistry Revision

On a related note, try out the #1 Free Chemistry Revision Tool for over 5,500,000 students worldwide. We wanted to give every student in the world access to a free learning system, using the most advanced data science and found to help you learn 2x faster. From Atomic Structure to Organic Chemistry - all topics are covered to prepare you to get that perfect score!

Revise 2x Faster - The Best Alternative to Boring Revision Guides or Kognity

We cover everything you need, whether it is Standard Level or Higher Level. If you're also taking IB exams in Biology and Physics, then you can now revise for all in one platform. Seneca covers 250+ revision courses and provides you with insights on what topics you understand well and which ones you should revise again before your exam.

The unfair advantage for 5,500,000 students?

There aren't that many you say? And you'd be right! Nevertheless, we offer:

  • Free A Level chemistry courses
  • Covering all topics from the specification
  • Tracking your progress and identifying weak topics
  • Created by neuroscientists and leading engineers
  • Questions, Podcasts, bitesize chunks GIFs etc. To quote T.I. "You can have whatever you like".

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