GCSE English Language Revision
Flavia Belham
Chief Scientist @ Seneca Learning
July 05, 2019

GCSE English Language Revision

Could Seneca be your #1 tool for GCSE English Language revision? Whether it's raining outside and pathetic fallacy is the word or its sunny and something has gone wrong, say goodbye to boring revision guides. Give Seneca a go as a less stressful & more effective way of revising and studying for your GCSEs. Content authored by senior examiners, exam board specific content, GIFs, videos, podcasts, all information in bitesize chunks. Don't just daydream whilst turning pages. Try Seneca or a 1-1 tutor!

A Randomised Control study in 8 schools found that kids using Seneca got 2x the test scores of peers just reading material, making notes or making their own flashcards. We combine the best Neuroscience, Data and Technology, to teach you English.

GCSE English Language - Preferred by 2,500,000 Students for their GCSEs

  • We cover English Language. We cover the Inspector. The Poetry. Even GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition. We do it all!
  • Get instant feedback on your answers - spot your weaknesses and use our adaptive algorithm, all for free.
  • Track your knowledge score
  • Exam board specific content written by literally the best person in the country.
  • No long and boring texts - break it down into bitesize chunks, things you can understand, remember and learn for the exam.

Topics covered:

  • Analysing fiction
  • Analysing non-fiction
  • Comparing texts
  • Writing
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Spoken language

Seneca has become so popular because of its unique smart learning algorithm created by neuroscientists and engineers. The algorithm identifies your strengths and weaknesses and will give you a knowledge score for English Language. From there, we show different information in different formats, different ways and at different time intervals until you understand the topic fully.

Seneca is the only tool that gives you proper, detailed instant feedback on your revision progress (scores & memory). Try it out for yourself during your next English Language revision session:

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