GCSE Computer Science Revision
Flavia Belham
Chief Scientist @ Seneca Learning
July 05, 2019

GCSE Computer Science Revision

Join 2,500,000 GCSE students who have used the #1 Computer Science revision tool. Proven to be 2x more effective than revision guides - Seneca is exactly what you need for your exams. All the content is produced by senior examiners so that you're fully prepared for your GCSE exams. Algorithms, Computer Systems, and Computer Networks - it's all covered in the free courses.

Join 2,500,000+ Students Revising for Computer Science with Seneca

Why Do So Many GCSE Students Use Seneca for Computer Science Revision?

  • Exam quality content written by the best senior examiners & subject experts
  • Exam board specific free online courses - OCR, AQA, iGCSE (the full works)
  • Proven by neuroscientists to be 2x more effective
  • FREE to use
  • More entertaining than your standard revision guides or textbooks

So how can I learn 2x faster you might think? Well, Seneca's algorithm that determines what question to repeat and in what format has been shaped by neuroscientists using principles such as visual imagery, interleaving, and spacing. This means that your weak topics will be repeated in loads of different formats & we will make recommendations on what you should do when. All of this can help you outperform traditional study guides - perhaps even the old guy with sunglasses and all! So, are you interested in giving it a go? Try it out below:

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