Free IB Revision & Exam Practice
Flavia Belham
Chief Scientist @ Seneca Learning
April 27, 2021

Free IB Revision & Exam Practice

You're wondering how to revise for your IB Diploma exams?

Our IB Diploma courses contain all of the information and exam strategies that you need to get a top grade. Check out our most popular free revision courses below!

Replace Textbooks With a Fun Way to Study

Biology: IB Diploma

· Revise Biology Now

· Review Biology Practice Exam Questions

Business Management: IB Diploma

· Revise Business Now

· Review Business Practice Exam Questions

Chemistry: IB Diploma

· Revise Chemistry Now

· Review Chemistry Practice Exam Questions

Economics: IB Diploma

· Revise Economics Now

· Review Economics Practice Exam Questions

Physics: IB Diploma

· Revise Physics Now

· Review Physics Practice Exam Questions

The unfair advantage for 5,500,000 students?

There aren't that many you say? And you'd be right! Nevertheless, we offer:

  • Free Inernational Baccaleaureate Diploma courses
  • Covering all topics from the specification
  • Tracking your progress and identifying weak topics
  • Created by neuroscientists and leading engineers
  • Questions, Podcasts, bitesize chunks GIFs etc. To quote T.I. "You can have whatever you like".

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