Free Assessment CPD Course for Teachers
Richard Broad
Head of UK Education @ Seneca Learning
September 19, 2019

Free Assessment CPD Course for Teachers

Seneca now offers seven free CPD courses to help teachers be better practitioners. Each course is written by experts in their fields and includes the latest in education theory and thinking. We offer CPD courses covering:

  1. Cognitive Science for Teachers Level 1
  2. Cognitive Science for Teachers Level 2
  3. Metacognition for Teachers
  4. Assessment for Teachers
  5. Literacy in Science
  6. Language Development for Teachers
  7. Dual Coding for Teachers

Complete our courses to become a Seneca Certified Educator.

Cognitive Science for Teachers Level 1

Assessment is the bread and butter of teachers’ work. If you’ve completed our cognitive science CPD courses, you will have a deep understanding of the importance of retrieval practice. This course looks at how retrieval practice and assessment are links and how you can can improve student retention and make accurate judgements of students’ knowledge and skill using assessment.

You will start by learning the principles of validity and reliability in assessment and how both formative and summative assessment should be used in the classroom. You will also explore the most impactful ways to give effective feedback based on the latest research. The course will go on to make the link between theory and practice by explaining different methods of assessing students in the classroom.

This course is designed for teachers in the first few years of their careers who are looking to develop their practice in assessment.

Thank you to Dawn Cox for writing this course.

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Become a Seneca Certified Educator

Completion of each course means you become a Seneca Certified Educator in that subject. You will receive a certificate on completion of the course which you can use towards your CPD portfolio.

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