Access Meaningful School Data in 4 Steps
Flavia Belham
Chief Scientist @ Seneca Learning
December 01, 2021

Access Meaningful School Data in 4 Steps

Seneca is an interactive-learning platform used by over 6 million students and teachers.

We apply cognitive & data sciences to double student performance and improve teachers' insights into their classes. Seneca has been academically tested and validated by research published in IMPACT.

Seneca offers exam-specific content and covers subjects from Primary to A-Level. All assignments are personalised to each student by our award-winning smart algorithm. Our methodology is based on gamification and principles from cognitive sciences, such as retrieval practice, interleaving, spacing, and dual coding.

All assignments are automatically marked and turned into a detailed report for teachers. Seneca is perfect for formative assessment and for identifying best practices and areas in need of intervention.

By connecting your school's MIS to Seneca, your school gains even more from our platform!

All accounts and classes are created and set up immediately and are automatically kept up-to-date. You also have access to a whole-school report, showing you progress & assessment data for each student, teacher, class, department, subject, year group, and target group (such as Pupil Premium and EAL).

To know more about syncing your system with ours, book a call with the team.

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