A Level Political Studies Revision
Flavia Belham
Chief Scientist @ Seneca Learning
July 02, 2019

A Level Political Studies Revision

No constitutional crises here. Used by 2,500,000+ students, Seneca is your free revision tool for A Level Politics (or Political Studies to use the fancy term). All the content is written by the leading subject experts, the senior examiners, and we have all the content covered.

From Political Parties, Electoral Systems and Voting Behaviour to the UK Parliament and Prime Minister. We have no political affiliations except to the People's Party of Seneca, constantly striving to help people to learn more effectively, for free.

The Speaker roars...Why Seneca?

Well my right honourable friend.

  • First of all, it's free. Yes, it's free.
  • Learn using questions, GIFs, bitesize chunks, podcasts, videos animations and everything you need for your A Level Politics exam.
  • Our algorithms are adaptive, letting you can see your strengths and weaknesses and all!
  • Highly engaging. Our stated policy on boredom is 'Eradicate it!*'.
  • Easy to get started on both desktop and mobile
  • Study for all your exams with 250+ other free courses

* whilst also ensuring that you learn all the content that you need for your exam. As with real politics, most of this happens in the footnotes.

Political Studies (or Politics) is one of the most interesting subjects to take. Mix up your studies or use Seneca for all your studies. Either way, you will not regret it.

Make Political Studies Great Again. Easier, more fun with GIFs, check out the podcasts, animations and videos. Will you give it a try during your next Political Studies revision session and see what the People's Party of Seneca can do for you?

Which exam boards?

  • Edexcel

Learn 2x faster

The platform has been created by the best engineers and neuroscientists, combining the best of tech and science into one smart learning algorithm. Could it be your unfair advantage come exam day?

Our adaptive learning algorithm identifies the areas that you need to improve on. It will then automatically repeat these Politics sections in a variety of question formats and between predetermined time intervals, based on your exact knowledge, memory & performance. This triggers your brain the most effective and is based on neuroscience principles such as imagery and spacing.

So whether you're 6 months or 6 hours before your Politics exam. Going through the revision course will give you an edge over other students. What do you think? Ready to see your Politics knowledge score?

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