6 Reasons Why to Use Seneca as a Teacher
Flavia Belham
Chief Scientist @ Seneca Learning
November 26, 2018

6 Reasons Why to Use Seneca as a Teacher

  1. Free
  2. Set assignments on 250+ exam board specific courses
  3. Automated grading and study insights
  4. Applied neuroscience to let your class study more efficient
  5. GDPR compliant, read details
  6. Customer Support in under 1 hour

1. Free

One of our key aims is to make Seneca accessible to everyone and is therefore for free. However, Seneca has now become so popular that it is very expensive to run. Because of this, we plan to add Premium features to help cover our costs. All current courses will stay free and teachers will still be able to set work, see students' progress and use Seneca as is. Extra features may be paid but everything currently available for teachers will stay free

2. Set Assignments on 250+ Exam Board Specific Courses

With the latest revision platform update, you can now schedule homework assignments for your classes. Assignments can be set for any of the 250+ KS2, KS3, GCSE and A Level courses and can be assigned to individual students or your entire class. In that way, you’re able to customise homework based on the progress and potential of the individual student. To make this easier Seneca also provides study insights on an individual student level.

3. Automated Grading and Study Insights

Study progress statistics are displayed per section and per student on each assignment. This means that you’re able to see how well Olivia performed on the 1.2.2. Stem Cells section of Biology AQA GCSE Higher. It provides an excellent way to provide tailored lessons to your class based on what homework they understood well and what they’re struggling with. Moreover, individual assignments can be assigned so that each student can reach her own maximum potential.

4. Applied Neuroscience to Let Your Class Study more Efficient

Students don’t only engage much more with Seneca due to the variety of images, videos, dynamic texts and gifs - they also memorise two times more efficient due to a variety of neuroscience principles. All our algorithms are based on these principles to repeat content in different formats at the right time. As a result, Seneca can maximise the student’s performance. This has also been proven during an academic study that has been published in the academic journal of the Chartered College of Teaching.

5. GDPR Compliant

Yes, Seneca is fully GDPR compliant. We’ve written more explicitly about our data protection policies in the terms and conditions. A few important points to note are that we act as a ‘data processor’ - meaning that we do not control any of the students’ data and only act on their behalf. We store our data securely within the European Union (Dublin) and a student or teacher can at any point manage their personal data in their account settings or ask us to delete data.

6. Customer Support in under 1 Hour

Seneca operates a full customer service team that responds to any queries on the platform chat, social media or email. During normal business hours, we tend to resolve issues in under 1 hour. We have also set up a help center with frequently asked questions in which you can search for the most common answer.

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