5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Be Using Seneca Instead Of Revision Guides
Flavia Belham
Chief Scientist @ Seneca Learning
March 14, 2018

5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Be Using Seneca Instead Of Revision Guides

Reading revision guides is not the most effective way to learn. We completed a Randomised Control Trial of 1,120 students and those who used Seneca got 2x the marks of those who read and used revision guides. These are the 5 main reasons that you should be using Seneca to help your child with their GCSEs.

1. Seneca doubles students’ test scores

At Seneca, we conduct our own rigorous investigations to ensure the efficacy of our learning system. Our platform was tested in a study involving more than a thousand pupils of schools all over the country. The findings clearly showed that students using Seneca score 2x more than the pupils using revision guides. We achieve this by applying the latest findings from neuroscience and improving them to maximise students’ performance. These findings were published in Impact, the academic journal of the Chartered College of Teaching.

2. Seneca treats each student individually

A revision guide, once printed, is a one-size-fits-all learning resource. But we know that each child is unique and understands things at different speed. With that in mind, our team has developed an algorithm that adapts the Seneca platform to each user. In other words, our learning system keeps track of each pupil`s progress and preferences, continually changing to suit them.

seneca's learning platform for GCSEs in action

3. Seneca works with senior examiners

Seneca`s courses are created by a group of senior examiners and teachers, ensuring that your child learns the exact content that will be covered in their GCSE exams.

4. Seneca is free

Whereas a revision guide costs money, Seneca`s GCSE resources are completely as well as being more effective. We try to be like Robin Hood – charging those who can afford to pay so that school students can learn for free!

5. Seneca makes revision engaging and fun

If asked, not many pupils would say they are excited about revising for GCSEs. That is partially because revision guides are so boring. Seneca knows that we learn better when we are interested and motivated. Our system is not only more effective, but also more enjoyable – just try it yourself!

The age of revision guides is over! Sign up now to Seneca’s free accelerated learning system now and make sure your child doesn’t miss out!

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