A Parent's Guide to Seneca Tutoring
Richard Broad
Head of UK Education @ Seneca Learning
October 14, 2020

A Parent's Guide to Seneca Tutoring

How does Seneca Tutoring work?

Essentially, our Oxbridge tutors will support your child instantly across all their subjects.

There's no extra cost for adding more subjects and we'll even throw in extras such as helping with extracurriculars, including Personal Statement feedback and advice on university course selection.

Our team will be online from 10AM-1PM & 2PM-8PM on weekdays and 1-7PM on weekends.

We use Discord to deliver our tutoring as this is the best platform for providing rapid responses in an engaging way.

Check out the quickfire mini-demo below 👇

Extended demo, Q&A and Parents Webinar

I have been hosting some sessions where I run through the whole process, including what the custom timetables look like and what to expect from the on-demand video lessons.

Watch below to get the full visual rundown 👇

I've also delivered some webinars for parents which explain the Seneca parent platform & tutoring platform. You can catch a recording of this below!

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