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Our platform uses cognitive psychology and neuroscience to help you learn faster, remember more information and conquer your exams.

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Seneca improves your learning using cognitive science

Our system allows you to become more knowledgeable in a shorter period of time.

Whether it is to outperform friends or triumph in exams, using Seneca will maximise your potential.

Using Seneca, you will benefit from:

Active Retrieval

Retrieval Practice is more effective than re-reading, highlighting & many other revision techniques.

Karpicke & Blunt (2011)

Spacing Intervals

Optimising when and how often students study a topic has been found to vastly increase recall.

Kang (2016)

Visual Mental Cues

Imagery, the virtual learning environment and the use of memory cues can all support more effective learning.

Paivio (1982), Smith & Manzano (2010)


Mixing in different, but related learning principles has been shown to reinforce content in some contexts.

Rohrer (2014)

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